Eau Claire Plan Commission – June 5, 2017


Eau Claire Plan Commission Meeting: June 5, 2017 Topics

1. Public Hearing – Recommendation
REZONING (Z-1596-17) – TR-1A to R-3P, 2622 Sessions Street
PRELIMINARY PLAT (P-3-17) – Sessions Street Twin Homes
SITE PLAN (SP-1711) – Twin Homes
2. Public Hearing – Recommendation
REZONING (Z-1598-17) – R-1A to P-Public, 1805 Menomonie Street
PUBLIC ZONING (PZ-1701) – New Ski Jump and Improvements
3. Public Hearing – Recommendation
REZONING (Z-1599-17) – TR-1A and C-2P to C-2P, Mercantile Drive
Conditional Use Permit (CZ-1705) – Ground Floor residence in C-2 zoning district
4. Public Hearing – Recommendation
REZONING (Z-1600-17) – C-1AP to C-1P, 3260 Birch Street
CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT (CZ-1706) – Day Care Center in C-1P zoning district
SITE PLAN (SP-1710) – The Learning Tree
5. Public Hearing – Recommendation
REZONING (Z-1601-17) – I-1 and I-2 to I-1P, 1807 N. Oxford Avenue
SITE PLAN (SP-1708) – The Brewing Projekt
CERTIFIED SURVEY MAP (CSM-7-17) – Right-of-way dedication for Oxford Avenue
6. For Recommenddation
FINAL CONDOMINIUM PLAT (P-4-17) – Haymarket Landing Condominium
7. For Recommendation
FINAL CONDOMINIUM PLAT (P-5-17) -222 Water Street Condominium
8. For Recommendation
FINAL PLAT (P-8-16) – Westover Woods
9. For Recommendation
A. FINAL PLAT (P-1-17) – Hoyem Acres 7th Addition
10. For Approval
A. CERTIFIED SURVEY MAP (CSM-5-17) – North Shore Drive
11. For Approval
12. For Approval
A. SITE PLAN (SP-8710 Amd) – Baymont Inn and Suites, 4075 Commonwealth Avenue
A. North River Fronts Neighborhood Plan
B. Code Compliance Items
C. Future Agenda Items
D. Additions or Corrections to Minutes
If you have any questions concerning any of the Plan Commission items, please call the Department of Community Development at 715-839-4914.
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