Microscope: Write On — The Story of Joe Knight

We are what we write.
I say that because, as humans, our words say so much about us.
How we choose to communicate says so much about us. Our words arc across confusion and chaos to bond us together in ways that confirm our claimed status as organisms with big capable brains.
Need proof? You’re reading this, aren’t you?
For almost 34 years, Joe Knight worked as a newspaper journalist, editing the “Getting Out” section of each Friday’s edition. Like Spring after Winter, you could count on him to be there — in the form of a written column — at some fishing hole, bird hike, or butterfly garden. As Fall follows Summer, you could depend on him to share his perspective on wherever he found himself in the state, and wherever he found the current state of Wisconsin’s conservation affairs.
In celebration of those folks in our community who “use their words” creatively and effectively, here’s the first part of the “Microscope” series “Write On.”

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