Write Here Write Now

We spoke with several local authors during an event at our local public library in Eau Claire.
Julie Court: I like writing because I have a message

Steve Nelson: It’s relaxing and also it’s gratifying

Cecelia Zorn: My love of language and words

Dennis Miller: It’s a way for me to express myself

SN: I have an idea in my head and I’d like to share that

DM: And I know everyone of us, no matter who we are, has a story to tell

JC: We are here at the Eau Claire Public Library for Write Here Write Now

CZ: Celebrating local authers in the Chippewa Valley

DM: And they invited the Chippewa Valley Local Authors to participate

SN: Well we came here to do a panel discussion on what tips and motivations we could give to other aspiring writers

JC: To push through to write a book and publish a book

SN: And they just don’t have that little nidge they need to get them over the dge to get them writing and publishing, because we’ve all been there.

JC: I thought the panel discussion was so fun

CZ: There was a lot of energy in the room, there were lots of questions

DM: You know it’s one of those events you don’t want to see stop

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