Eau Claire County Board Meeting – December 19, 2017


Eau Claire County Board Meeting – December 19, 2017: Topics

Call to Order

1. Call to Order
2. Honoring of the Flag and Moment of Reflection (Supervisor Sue Miller)
3. Call of the Roll
4. Approval of the Journal of Proceedings

Public Comment

5. Public Comment


2017 Eau Claire County Conservation Award Recipients
6.A. Conservation Farmer: Steve & Leslie Strey
6.B. Water Quality Leadership: Mark Zuber
6.C. Special Recognition Award: Bruce Willett
6.D. Special Recognition Award: Robin Leary
Indianhead Federated Library System
6.E. presentation by Director John Thompson and Pamela Westby

Presentation of Petitions Claims and Communications

7.A. Citizen Employment & Training, Inc. / Thank You Letter for County Support
7.B. Rezoning Request Received:
o Grip Holdings, LLC (owner); Jason Griepentrog (applicant)

First Reading of Ordinances by Committees

8.A. File No. 17-18/087 (1) To Amend Section 2.04.455 C. of the Code; To Repeal Section
2.05.620 of the Code: Eau Claire County Industrial Development
Agency; To Amend Section 2.44.020 B. of the Code; To Repeal
Chapter 2.72 of the Code: Sale of Surplus County Real Property; To
Amend Section 4.13.010 of the Code: Sale of Surplus County Land
8.B. File No. 17-18/089 (1) That Section 2.04.010 A., C., & E. of the Code Be Amended to Read:
Rule 1 — Meetings
8.C. File no. 17-18/092 (1) To Repeal and Recreate Section 10.81.030 D. of the Code: Restricted Parking Areas

First Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions by Members


Reports of Standing Committees, Committees, Commissions and Boards under 2.04.160 and Second Readings of Ordinances

Committee on Administration
10.A. File No. 17-18/068 (2) To Repeal Chapter 16.08 of the Code: County Land Use and Sales . . .
(from December 5, 2017 County Board meeting)
10.B. File No. 17-18/075 (2) Amending Certain Sections of the County Code (Titles 2 and 9)
(from December 5, 20107 County Board meeting)
Committee on Human Resources
10.C. File No. 17-18/070 (2) To Amend Section 3.20.010 E. of the Code; Benefits of Elected
Officials (from December 5, 20107 County Board meeting)
10.D. File No. 17-18/085 (2) To Repeal Section 3.85.005 A. of the Code; Definitions; To Repeal Section 3.85.015 C. of the Code; Qualifications (from December 5, 2017 County Board meeting)
Committee on Planning & Development
10.E. File No. 17-18/091 (2) To Repeal the Asterisk in Chapter 2.36 of the Code; to Create Section
2.36.010 of the Code…” Discussion – Action
Committee on Parks & Forest
10.G. File No. 17-18/093 (1) Adopting the 2018 Annual Work Plan for the Parks and Forest
Department to Comply with the County Forest Administration Grant
Committee on Finance & Budget
10.H. File No. 17-18/094 (1) Authorizing Payment of Vouchers Over $10,000 Issued During the Month of November 2017
10.I. File No. 17-18/090 (1) Authorizing the Sale of Tax Deed Property to Former Owner Che Nunnery for $21,780.47; . . .
10.J. File No. 17-18/095 (1) Resolution Designating Officials Authorized to Declare Official Intent Under Reimbursement Bond Regulations
10.K. File No. 17-18/096 (1) Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing


o Appointment of Sham Anderson to the Groundwater Advisory Committee
o Appointment of David G. Tesch to the Veterans Service Commission
o Appointment of a County Board member to County Housing Authority
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