Sonic Real Estate

We chilled with local band, Chamber Noise, during a practice session at Toy Car Studios. They enlightened us about how a individual musicians band together to create music.
AUSTIN: Everybody’s got a sonic real estate. Luke’s got his, Justin’s got his, ya know..
JUSTIN: Get out of my space man. we’re really big on that, where it’s oh —-, I’m getting up near you, I need to find something else to do.
LUKE: Yeah, you have to malleable, where it’s like, you could be set in your ways, ‘no. I wanna play THIS part THIS way,’ but it’s like, if somebody else has an idea, you gotta be willing to try it. Who knows what exactly it’s gonna be.
JUSTIN: We’re constantly pushing each other. ‘Hey what’s the bassline you’re playing right there?’ ‘Um, I’m doing this,’ ‘well maybe you should cut a little bit out of that, ’cause here’s my kick pattern,’ ‘ and I’m doing this on guitar, so you don’t need to hit this chord when I hit this note.’ There’s a lot of diagramming in our heads. ‘Cause we’re not playing exactly what we probably want to play all of the time, because we’re trying to service the song as whole . It’s about playing something together that interlocks, and then moving that together.