#metoo – Literary Event, Eau Claire


Video (1:30)
The metoo literary event took place at Volume One on Tuesday, January 16th.

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It’s called “Me Too” it’s a live literary event, it’s a collection of people coming together in the community to share their #metoo stories through poetry, their short stories, essays, there’s plays, and there’s visual art too.

Women starting speaking out with this hashtag metoo, and it was a lot on social media, so the idea was, “hey this happened to me too, and I’m going to put this out into the world so that women don’t feel like we’re not supposed to talk about that stuff anymore”

– We focus so much on extreme and violent cases that we don’t think of the smaller everyday ways in which people experience sexual assault. The problem with this thinking is that we forget the [inaudible] of minor aggression is what allows the major aggression to continue.

This can be rape, this can be harrassment in the workplace, this can be uncomfortable situations in arelationship.
we all have these stories, these experiences, a lot of them maybe happened in Eau Claire, or the Chippewa Valley, so let’s get together, talk about them – make something pretty out of something really ugly. And then move forward with that conversation, and hopefully, kind of change the course of our history.