Video Production/Studio Services

Are you looking for full scale video production services, studio space, or equipment for your shoot? Valley Media Works has your needs covered.

We serve communities in Eau Claire, and the greater Chippewa Valley. Let us know how we can help you make something great! 

Services available: Full Service Video ProductionStudio Services

Full Service Video Production

We like to approach video production in a holistic way. Anyone can write a basic script focusing on a given product or service, but we like to delve deeper. We want to communicate what’s unique about your project, connect with the viewer in an organic way, and tell your story with the spit and polish it deserves. Here’s how our process works:

General Meeting & Script Consult: Here’s where we get to know you and find out what research we need to do to make your video production a success.

Script Approval & Storyboarding: Once you’ve approved a script, we create a basic storyboard. This gives you a window into how the camera will work to tell your story.

Production Meeting: So, we’ve got a plan for what we want the final video to look like and the information it should present. Now we get together to go over production needs like any final tweeks to script, scheduling to capture video, and establishing shooting and editing timelines.

Time to Get Some Video!

Editing: In the editing phase of your video production we add screen graphics, create transitions, apply any necessary color correction, balance sound, and make sure the stitching together of all the elements doesn’t result in Frankenstein’s monster.

Final Review: If it all looks good to you, you’ve got a brand new video to show the world. If not, we go back and make sure you do.

Give us a call today at (715) 839-5067, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project. Or, send us a message through our contact page


Studio Services

Our facilities offer a Black Box Studio, Conference/Classroom Studio, Small Kitchen Studio, and Chroma /Green Screen Wall. If you have a project ready, but need a place to make it happen, we can help.

Black Box Studio: Our Black Box Studio is equiped with lighting, and measures roughly 8 feet (H) x 15 feet (W) x 13 feet (L) with the Chroma wall at one end.

Conference/Classrom Studio: This studio space can be setup to look like a classroom space, or as a business type conference room, and is great for service type videos.

Small Kitchen Studio: The Kitchen has running water, electric stove, refrigeration, and an electric glass range top.

Chroma/Green Screen Wall: Our Green Screen Wall measures 9 feet (H) x 18 feet (W).

Give us a call today at (715) 839-5067, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project. Or, send us a message through our contact page