See the Light Part 2: Light It Up

We spoke with Riverlights Project Coordinator Jerry Kuehl:

“We’re gonna bring visual arts to downtown Eau Claire like its never seen before.
This is the Phoenix Park Bridge but the project itself is called Riverlights. When you can see the way these lights really highlight the architecture in a way you’ve never noticed. You’re gonna see this bridge literally come to life.

“We’re gonna give it a whole new life and make it a 21st century icon as opposed to 19th century icon. It will be available in the evenings basically from dusk to 11 or midnight and then it will be off during the night, but then it will come on about an hour before daylight. The total project cost is going to be $375,000. It’s all privately raised.

“The Rotary Club itself, there’s no way we could’ve done this on our own, and we just thank Downtown Eau Claire Inc, the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, and certainly Eau Claire Community Foundation for supporting this and pulling something off that there’s no way we could’ve done on our own.”